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  • Chauvet Intimidator Wave IRC

    Chauvet Intimidator Wave IRC

    The Intimidator™ Wave IRC is a magnificent moving light array with 5 independently controlled heads that project narrow, razor-sharp beams of lights.
  • Chauvet Gig Bar

    Chauvet Gig Bar

    The CHAUVET DJ Gig Bar IRC has four fantastic lighting fixtures in one control bar, includes a remote wireless foot control, tripod and carry bags.
  • Chauvet Wash FX

    Chauvet Wash FX

    The Wash FX is a rugged, punchy wash light with 6 zones of control for pixel-mapping effects.
  • Chauvet Color band PiX-M

    Chauvet Color band PiX-M

    COLORband PiX-M adds a new dimension of motion to the popular COLORband PiX linear fixture.
  • Chauvet Swarm 5FX

    Chauvet Swarm 5FX

    For movement and colorful effects at any event, Swarm 5 FX is a 3-in-1 LED effect light that combines red and green lasers, white strobe effects and RGBAW rotating derby effects into one fixture.
  • Chauvet Hurricane 1101

    Chauvet Hurricane 1101

    The Hurricane Series Foggers provide the quality, performance and innovation for which CHAUVET is known. All come with generous-capacity tanks and quick heat-up for water-based Fog Juice™ and Platinum Fog Fluid to fill a venue within minutes.
  • Chauvet O Clamp CLP-10

    Chauvet O Clamp CLP-10

    CHAUVET® DJ encourages customers to make safety a priority by utilizing the right clamps and cables for their lighting applications.
  • Chauvet Motion Orb

    Chauvet Motion Orb

    A fantastic new décor light made up of 55 individual color-changing and strobing LED orbs in strings that can be hung like a curtain, drawn to one side, or draped across the ceiling.

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